• Antigua


  • Hands of Clay

    Hands of Clay

    Frankfort, Michigan

  • Houston, Texas

    Houston, Texas

  • St. Paul, Minnesota

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Loos on the loose

    Loos on the loose

    Frankfort, MIchigan

  • Harlequin


    Carnevale-Venice, Italy

  • Lion Envy

    Lion Envy

    Venice, Italy

  • Santa Croce

    Santa Croce

    Florence, Italy

  • Carhenge


    Alliance, Nebraska

  • For Ladies Only

    For Ladies Only

    Mumbai, India

  • For Men Only-Dhobi Ghat

    For Men Only-Dhobi Ghat

    Mumbai, India

  • Monk's Feet-Buddhist Temple

    Monk's Feet-Buddhist Temple

    Farmington, Minnesota

  • Rudolph Risk

    Rudolph Risk


  • Miserville


    Tightwad, Missouri

  • Take Photos Here-Iron Range

    Take Photos Here-Iron Range

    Hibbing, Minnesota

  • Slo Freight Ben

    Slo Freight Ben

    National Hobo Convention Britt, Iowa

  • Iowa Blackie, Hobo Poet

    Iowa Blackie, Hobo Poet

    National Hobo Convention-Britt, Iowa

  • Hobo King & Queen

    Hobo King & Queen

    National Hobo Convention-Britt, Iowa

  • Caroline Idol

    Caroline Idol

    Caroline County Fair-Ruther Glen, Virginia

  • Only your hairdresser knows for sure.

    Only your hairdresser knows for sure.

    Mumbai, India

  • Stella


    Lanai, Hawaii

  • Very Large Array

    Very Large Array

    New Mexico

  • Prada Marfa

    Prada Marfa

    Valentine, Texas

  • Flag Face

    Flag Face

    4th of July Parade-Edina, Minnesota

  • Sure!!!


    West Texas

  • Flying Colors

    Flying Colors

    Molokai, Hawaii